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The Kentucky Bourbon Bears is a social organization whose purpose is to provide a place of acceptance for all members of the LGBTQ+ community who identify themselves as bears, bear admirers, and friends of bears.  Our members establish new lasting friendships through planned social gatherings and philanthropic activities to benefit the LGBTQ+ communities.

Annual Membership includes: 

  • A club-branded t-shirt (for full memberships)
  • Discounts for entry to bear events
  • Email & text announcements about upcoming events
  • Bear nights at local restaurants, movie nights, planned outings, etc. The club will plan local outings such as chartered Bourbon Tastings, trips to Museums, participation in gay pride, camping trips etc, as well as trips to adjacent states and bear clubs/ runs.
  • The club will host an annual Kentucky Bourbon Bear contest
  • The club will present the annual North American Bear Weekend
  • Support other local bear club chapters in Kentucky and surrounding states
  • Host fundraisers for local gay and non-gay charities.

Our main goal is a drama free, accepting “chosen family” that opens our membership to all members of the LGBTQ+ community, through our diversity and differences, create a strong organization that is able to give back to the community which we live. We hope this club can create a more enriched community that others will appreciate and be involved.



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